the design process

first-meetingOur first meeting  is the chance for you to get to know us, look through some of our projects and inspire you to see the potential in your garden.  Following this we send you a written proposal summarising our discussions, if you like what we’ve done and how we work, your acceptance of our proposal forms our contract.
Wfirst-meeting-2e like to like to meet everyone who will enjoy the garden space and at our briefing meeting we will discuss how the garden works – the features, function and style. We really pin down all the detail using a questionnaire and lots of pictorial inspiration.
site-surveyA site survey and analysis is necessary to produce a scaled plan of your garden and record all the relevant information to consider in the design.  The survey / site analysis  includes:

  • measurement of the plot including levels
  • mapping of existing features including plants
  • review of environment, soil testing, photos, views

if the site is complex we recommend that a professional surveyor undertakes this work on our behalf.

concept planFrom the survey detail, the space management and shapes are addressed along with the positioning of permanent features and identifying the best use for each area of the garden.  We meet to discuss this Concept Plan using  elevations, perspective details, and  image boards to explain the design and planting ideas.  We often use hand drawings at this stage to work up our first ideas.  We can also have a general discussion of build costs at this stage.
masterFollowing our discussions with you we refine the design into the Masterplan.  Our final drawings are produced , using specialist landscape CAD software which ensures all plans are accurate and efficiently produced and available electronically .  At this stage we can discuss any phasing of the project before detailing any scope of works and construction drawings.


master2Subject to your approval of the design, we then review the options for phasing the work and agree our scope and costs for any further drawings required to complete each phase.  Additional documents and drawings would include the following:

  • building drawings / specifications & scope of works for landscapers to quote
  • setting out plans clarifying exact materials, positions & construction detail, leaving nothing to chance

Quality  landscaping is crucial to the success of the design .  We can recommend professional landscapers, lighting and other specialists who you can trust to give fair and honest quotations for the construction.

planting-planA detailed planting plan is produced with the proposed Trees / Shrubs / Herbaceous plants and Bulbs to bring the design to life, including images to show the style and mood of the planting.   We also provide a full cost breakdown of the plants and planting.

A planting scheme will be designed to suit the particular growing conditions of your garden, to complement the design, provide interest throughout the year and create the overall ambiance you desire.

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